Sunday, May 1, 2016

Full of sock monkeys

The first graders always surprise me with their sock monkey pictures. There a nice lull in the room when they are dressing these creatures up and even clean up is often sucessful.

This is from my sad girl series I have been drawing at school. This one I got a chance to paint afterwards. A few more to paint still. That was a good week of drawing at school for me. Last week we had testing so I was able to do my annual three pages of characters. Will post after they are colored in. Maybe collage sheets?

Love how this simple watercolor came out. Very quick, but something about it I like. 
Four more weeks of school and then its summer time. Cannot wait. Planning my adventures. I know I am going to Charlotte in June for Jane Davenport's class. Eager to see Jane again and learn some of her techniques. 
Count the weeks with me. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fully forgetting to blog

Oh my goodness, I didnt realize I have not updated my blog in almost two months. So sorry to any devoted readers( hee hee). I have been busy with school, I guess. Not sure what else. Not much art is getting done. Here's one I drew at school for the preschoolers for Strawberry week:
Pretty funny. That seems to be the only place I have been drawing besides my planner.
Spring break has just started( yahoo) so maybe I will get into the art swing since I am not going anywhere for the week. 
Trying to keep us with my planner. I miss my moleskein, but this one is nice and big. What have you been up to? Please tell. 
Thanks for visiting. Xxoo

Sunday, January 31, 2016

More than half a month tardy

Hello friends, 
I know, I know...not doing too good with keeping up the blog, but I dont even know who still is reading these words. Please let me know if you are here. It will encourage me to blog blog blog.
Still mostly working in this big planner that Renee gifted me. I have all my Midoris ready and eager, but am not able to work in them. I am not sure why. Size? I have way too many planners which is mixing me up. I dont know which to use and for what. Maybe next year I will return to just the moleskein.
Well at least I have been making art on chocolate. It wasn't so easy. Who wants to eat it?
I started Ali Edward's One Little Word project and actually completed my January prompts. My word is clear.
I love this drawing done by a kindergartner at my school. I hinted that I would love to have it, but no go. At least I took a picture. Not sure what grabs me about it, but I love it.
Well February will be here tomorrow and hopefully it will be a productive month. Thanks for visiting. Xxoo