Sunday, September 20, 2015

Over a full month late

Friends- so sorry for the delay in posting. Teaching five days a week has really taken a toll on me.
There is so much I don't seem able to do anymore, 
But on a happier note:
Here are the first two pages of the article on my planner journal that will be in the October issue of Art Journaling. Hurrah.

Mostly, I have only had time to work a bit in my large planner, although this weekend even that hit the back burner. I do love working in this book. My goal is to use up a lot of my supplies collage stash, and photos. I have way to much stuff in these areas. They would never fit in my tiny house.

Wish I could quit my job and draw and plan all day. What a different life that would be. Alas, I must go work on my art assessment / student learning objectives. We have to now evaluate the students in art three times a year. Ugh. I'm not so fond of teaching to the famous "elements of art" as the key player in the art room. I feel creativity should be the star...but what do I know? Tra-la-la. Have a great week.

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