Sunday, August 2, 2015

Halfway through a zillion projects

Alas summer vacation is almost over and I am half catching up and half doing nothing for the last few days of no school. Here Are two pages on some books I am working on. The small one is my mini faces book and the larger one is based on Teesha Moore's junk journals. 

I also just took a crochet class and kind of get it ( except what do you do with that extra chain stitch you make when you turn your piece?) So as you can see I have sooo- soooo much more to do. I can't possibly report back to school in a week.

This girl was drawn with pencil and colored mostly with pan pastels. I love her little barrettes. Too bad I messed up around the eyes. Thanks, my sweet Jane Davenport for some guidance via your wonderful book.
Oh sigh it's off to lesson plans next week and getting the art room into working condition. Well at least Louisa the sock monkey will be glad to resume her role as kindergarten assistance.