Sunday, May 10, 2015

Full paradise in Georgia

Hello friends and visitors. Busy times here in South Carolina. Practicing my watercoloring. As I tell my students, it's not easy and you have to be patient. I think I am a colored pencil girl.

Have just returned from the most amazingly beautiful town in Georgia. It's an arts, eco friendly community. Beautiful land galore for walks and a great chai latte at the Blue Daisy.

I am so ready to move there.
Meanwhile back in reality. Had to get ready for student art show.

That took a lot of time and thought, but a good turnout of my little artists and their families.

Second grade is having fun using chalk for Blue Dog art. They are really cute and the colors are wonderful( until I have to spray them.)
Must get prepared for another rainy day. Hope all is well in your little paradises. Xxoo.