Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rain half a day everyday

How amazing. Another blog post in less than a week. World record time. Yes, I am in need of a trip, but not sure any will be taken besides a virtual kind. Dreaming of Southern France- but who isn't?

I know... Unbelievable. Two new pages in less than a week. I think it's that carbon pen Jane Davenport suggested. Love it.
No cake baking this week-end. Maybe almond cookies.

Seems I have neglected to show my dandelion tattoo. Here it is. Pretty painless.
We have rain all weekend so who knows, may be posting by next weekend if I don't go to the movies.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring is fully here

Hello Friends. Seems as if I have forgotten how to blog. Trying to return to it...really truly. Here are my latest creations. I am requested to donate something to our school silent auction so I glazed these plates. I like the mushroom plate, but it has a few pocked areas I have to try and repair. I am a little nervous. What if no one bids on them?

This pen was recommended by Jane Davenport and I am gaga over it. It is a really fine tip and it makes me want to draw like crazy.

Super fun weekend with my friend Joy and her hubby Leo. Joy forgot to bring me her signature granola ( I am a granola groupie) so she made me some on the visit.
We enjoyed the beach, downtown Charleston, and just hanging out. I hope they visit again soon.