Sunday, February 8, 2015

Full of busyness

Oh my it's been some time since I have blogged says my blogger patrol.
I have had a busy January. My artners in crime came to visit and even cooked me a decadent chocolate cake for my birthday. We had a great time sketching at a teach house and supporting my local art store.

School has been busy too with clay and painting. Love these desserts created by the fourth grade. Next challenge...sewing and fiber.

This past weekend I went to Key West for the first time and somehow ended up in a kayak for a ride among the mangrove trees. Key West is quite a place.
So hopefully I will get back on the blog wagon so my blogging patrol stays calm.
Thanks for visiting.

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Jone Hallmark said...

I hope the "sewing and fiber" lesson will be fun for everyone. I once helped some first graders sew dolls with embroidered faces they had drawn and stitched. The boys were fast and wanted to make TWO of them (!) the girls generally were patient and precise. They ALL turned out great! Good Luck, Teacher! XO