Sunday, December 14, 2014

Full of giftwork

Moving along here with artwork and gifties. I am on a roll. I have been painting on wood, clay and fabric.

Only four more days of school until vacation. I can not wait. No traveling, so I will just be relaxing in my cold house.

Daughter has turned twenty. She requested a birthday tierra for her birthday. Funny as I would avoid wearing a tierra at all costs.
Hope you have a great week. Stay warm. Xxoo

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jone hallmark said...

Oh Taylor! Just getting around to checking things out online......way too busy!
You have been busy, too! I LOVE your paintings on clay and wood - WOW! They are so wonderful.

I hope to get a little something out to you in the next week or so.....hope your holidays are going well...staying warm! It has been pretty chilly here, too....and S*N*O*W ...which is so beautiful.....but cold.
Happy New Year! Maybe this coming year will give us an opportunity to see one another again.....hope so! XO