Sunday, November 16, 2014

Full of clogged ink

Hello hello friends,
Thanks for visiting. Cold again in the south. Been busy in the studio when my fingers have not turned blue and numb. It's not really THAT cold here, but my fingers have issues.
Playing with a lot of art supplies lately due to several on line classes. I hope I can keep up. My printer has NOT kept up. Would love suggestions. If you love your printer please let me know the details.

Here is the beginning of a new journal page. It starts out with a copy of my lesson plans. Hope to have the completed pages to show you next time.

Have you seen this painting I got at Round Top? I love it. A lady there thought it was a self portrait of me.
Hope you have a warm week. I will probably be bundled up.

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Renee said...

great journal pages. what online classes please? will be watching for printer recommendations too especially if it works well with an iPad