Sunday, October 26, 2014

Half a month outta Austin

As my dearest dear has reminded me...I'm like a month over due in blogging.
So sorry all. Have been busy with school. If it's not one thing there its another.
Austin?... Seems so long ago.. My artist in crime and I had a grande old time.

We started off at my favorite restaurant, South Congress Cafe and we high tailed it from there. No time to do art. We shopped and looked and laughed throughout the days.

Round Top was amazing. This was my favorite find that I could actually cart home. A woman asked me if I had had my portrait painted there. You need a huge-o truck and at least five days to really see it all.

We took a quick ride back to the Prairie but it was pretty empty there.
All in all a great time. Miss my Lorraine.
Now its back to school. Fund raiser project almost done. Hurrah.
More soon...really

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