Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rainful part 2

My planner seems to be my main source for drawing and art in general. I will have to make another one for next year. Lots of rain here in South Carolina.

Getting ready for Austin. I can not wait. Hope to work on my embroidery sampler while I am there. Maybe on the plane as well.

This weekend I went to Folly Beach. Hadn't been there in years and now I am ready to move there. I am in love with the beach and area. A bit of a commute to work, but still it's my new dream.
Only three days of school this week and then it is time for Round Top and Austin. Yaa hoo. Have a great week.


jone hallmark said...

When are you going to Austin?!
I am just getting home from Boulder. - ran into weather and stayed in C Spgs....but want to know about YOU in Austin.....xo

jone hallmark said...

Hope you had a great time....xo