Sunday, July 6, 2014


Summer is here, but I am having trouble doing anything too productive other than reading and lounging. Have gone to the beach several times. Many creative thoughts melding in my head but just started getting the arts onto paper again. I did have a crochet lesson and invented my own Taylor stitches. Can't seem to follow directions too well.

Here's my watercolor attempt for today. I have trouble with this medium and having to wait for the paint to dry. A black pen and marker or colored pencil is more my speed, but the colors everyone is using with the watercolors are so lovely, I just have to keep trying, especially since I am taking Mary Ann Moss's on line sketching class where watercolor is used so beautifully.

This coming week I am taking an Indian cooking class. It should be fun and I heard wine is involved. Hope I can follow those directions at least.
What are you doing this summer? Please let me know, especially if you are traveling someplace nice. It's weird saying home this summer so I want to know what other people are during during my favorite season.
Thanks. Enjoy the warmth of summer.

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