Sunday, March 16, 2014

Full of traffic and half sunshine

I had a great time with my friend Renee in Los Angeles and Orange County. As usual the food drives me crazy with temptation. We went to this pizza place Mozza. Very chi-chi but the best pizza I ever ingested. We almost went back the next night. I wish we had.

It was also nice to go to the beach for a quick few seconds at sunset. In less than five minutes from this picture, it was almost dark. Newport beach sure is fancy and congested.

The main reason for the trip was a two day class with my idol Pam Garrison. We took a lettering and journal class. I have a lot of started pages,but nothing finished. Pam said to just work on what you want in your journal to make it more fun and so I did. Hopefully some completed pages soon.
We had to dash to the Japanese 1.50$ store (Diaso-I think) at lunch one day. Renee really wanted to go and I must say I partook in some purchases as well. Lots of fake Cath Kidston stuff.
I have been more motivated to work in my journals since the class and practicing the dip and parallel pen. Hope I will have more to show you soon.


Lorraine said...

Is it soon enough for some journal pages??

Jone Hallmark said...

Taylor, you look so wonderful and HAPPY in those photos! I am glad to see you so relaxed.
Just got back from visiting Oolie in Boulder....organizing her new is GORGEOUS!
Hope to see photos of those finished pages soon!!!