Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fully can not think of a title

It seems to be getting warmer here. Slowly but surely and that makes me a very happy camper.I have been art working in my "planner" more and journal less, but at least I am working. Love these new colors above that I never really used before.

Have been trying new art supplies thanks to watching some videos and my art enabling friends A and A ( Austin and Arizona).
Going to LA soon with Arizona for Pam Garrison. Please suggest places we should go to in LA and Orange County ( food, shop, coolio things). The more the better. I will be checking back to see if anyone leaves suggestions. Little surprises for those who do sent from me to you. Pinky promise.

I am in love with this tree, although I didn't manage a great picture. The bark is so smooth. I shall go back and really give it the photo biz.
Okay off to eat bagels. Don't forget your suggestions. Have a good week. I'm afraid I will actually be in school for the entire week. What a thought...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fully cold

Oh what's a summer girl to do in the winter? I might as well hibernate. Blah to winter. I'm too much of a sissy to work in my too cold for comfort studio. I know some of you die hards would be down there working away. Maybe this is a good time to take up torchfire enameling...

Tried to keep the kitchen warm baking bread. Bread is good, but the kitchen is still no hotspot. This is no knead bread and it comes out perfect. Soon I will try adding seeds or sprouts.

I love these snowy owl pictures that my kindergarten class painted. They cheer me up every morning when I walk into the school building.
Heard there was school tomorrow( although the school six blocks from my house will not have school tomorrow), although you never know. Cross your fingers...
Hope you are staying warm. Xxoo t