Sunday, December 14, 2014

Full of giftwork

Moving along here with artwork and gifties. I am on a roll. I have been painting on wood, clay and fabric.

Only four more days of school until vacation. I can not wait. No traveling, so I will just be relaxing in my cold house.

Daughter has turned twenty. She requested a birthday tierra for her birthday. Funny as I would avoid wearing a tierra at all costs.
Hope you have a great week. Stay warm. Xxoo

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Full of clogged ink

Hello hello friends,
Thanks for visiting. Cold again in the south. Been busy in the studio when my fingers have not turned blue and numb. It's not really THAT cold here, but my fingers have issues.
Playing with a lot of art supplies lately due to several on line classes. I hope I can keep up. My printer has NOT kept up. Would love suggestions. If you love your printer please let me know the details.

Here is the beginning of a new journal page. It starts out with a copy of my lesson plans. Hope to have the completed pages to show you next time.

Have you seen this painting I got at Round Top? I love it. A lady there thought it was a self portrait of me.
Hope you have a warm week. I will probably be bundled up.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Full of chilly weather

Alas, this face was not happy to have to turn the heat on for the first time. It's hibernation time. I'm going to try to make friends with winter this year, but I am not sure how. Actually it has warmed up a bit, but not for long.
I am in love with tonal art these days. Paintings using only the the grey tones. Jeanne Oliver seems to excel at it so I have been watching some of her videos. Sorry I can't seem to link on my ipad.

The marsh is starting to brown for winter. I know its still fall, but in my house it's more like winter. Can you see the osprey on the branch?
It is nice walking weather.

I love this Matisse copy one of my second graders painted. So modern and has a fifties look.
Here's another that I really like.

Hope you are having a good week. I will try to return soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Half a month outta Austin

As my dearest dear has reminded me...I'm like a month over due in blogging.
So sorry all. Have been busy with school. If it's not one thing there its another.
Austin?... Seems so long ago.. My artist in crime and I had a grande old time.

We started off at my favorite restaurant, South Congress Cafe and we high tailed it from there. No time to do art. We shopped and looked and laughed throughout the days.

Round Top was amazing. This was my favorite find that I could actually cart home. A woman asked me if I had had my portrait painted there. You need a huge-o truck and at least five days to really see it all.

We took a quick ride back to the Prairie but it was pretty empty there.
All in all a great time. Miss my Lorraine.
Now its back to school. Fund raiser project almost done. Hurrah.
More soon...really

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rainful part 2

My planner seems to be my main source for drawing and art in general. I will have to make another one for next year. Lots of rain here in South Carolina.

Getting ready for Austin. I can not wait. Hope to work on my embroidery sampler while I am there. Maybe on the plane as well.

This weekend I went to Folly Beach. Hadn't been there in years and now I am ready to move there. I am in love with the beach and area. A bit of a commute to work, but still it's my new dream.
Only three days of school this week and then it is time for Round Top and Austin. Yaa hoo. Have a great week.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Rain rain rain
Gray skies
Lots of reading getting done
Gearing up to see my artner in crime in Austin in a few weeks. We are going to the big Round Top antique thing. I'll be looking for Rachel Ashwell.

Old watercolor practices from the summer. Sigh.
I think I better start baking...gluten free of course.

School is school
No pets allowed. No pandas, no wombats, no Angus the guinia pig
La la la
Fret not-I'll get my smile on next time
Welcome the week.
Tra la la

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Full of school-soon

The days of carefree drawing are probably over for awhile, sigh. I try to keep up during school but it's not easy with running, errands, dinner... Now I have added meditation and no gluten to the picture. Keep reminding me to draw.

My friend Ellen made these two clay pieces for me to glaze. It was fun and I hope to do some more.

This is a dress I like watercolored over a collage page. When my friend Lorraine was here we were on a drawing and painting frenzy. Maybe I should move to Austin?

So it will be a 5:40 wake up tomorrow and back to the kids. I hope we have some fun.
Have a great week.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Waterfull action

I think the school count down has begun. Still way more in love with my markers.
My pal Lorraine is visiting starting Thursday( yay) and insists she will convert me to a water color action fan. Here's hoping... Too bad she can't crochet.

Some silly attempts and watercolor exploration.

Just back from North Carolina with my guy. We had a lot of fun and saw many waterfalls. Big gorge hike during a rain pour down. Lots of food and wine sampling. Not Italy, but a good time. Even Louisa the sock monkey enjoyed the trip.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Color full

Still enjoying my summer very much, but miss traveling and my bella Italy. Doing a bit more art, including watercoloring. Still think markers are more fun, but maybe I need a challenge.

Here's the page opened from the first journal page above. Loving these colors right now.

I did this mini watercolor sketch today. Kind of wonky, but oh well.
Soon I will have to start planning for another school year, but at least I have now. Hope you are having a great week.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Summer is here, but I am having trouble doing anything too productive other than reading and lounging. Have gone to the beach several times. Many creative thoughts melding in my head but just started getting the arts onto paper again. I did have a crochet lesson and invented my own Taylor stitches. Can't seem to follow directions too well.

Here's my watercolor attempt for today. I have trouble with this medium and having to wait for the paint to dry. A black pen and marker or colored pencil is more my speed, but the colors everyone is using with the watercolors are so lovely, I just have to keep trying, especially since I am taking Mary Ann Moss's on line sketching class where watercolor is used so beautifully.

This coming week I am taking an Indian cooking class. It should be fun and I heard wine is involved. Hope I can follow those directions at least.
What are you doing this summer? Please let me know, especially if you are traveling someplace nice. It's weird saying home this summer so I want to know what other people are during during my favorite season.
Thanks. Enjoy the warmth of summer.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hooray hooray, it's the first week of summer vacation. So excited and happy about it even without any major trips planned. Just Chicago this weekend and Rosemary Beach in July. Hope I get some projects done. Maybe my stitchery I carry from trip to trip and never take out of the bag.

Just finished these collage pages. Trying to figure out what to do with them other thsn cut them out for my journal pages. Love all the colors. They are fun but need a purpose. Taylor's fun house friends? Not sure.

And really really going to start this dress today. Going to cut out the pieces in a matter of minutes. Yes, really I will... I promise.
Okay here I go to sew...

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Used a lot of pink yesterday to try to cheer me up. Not sure what it was, but pink worked to some extent. Isn't Pam Garrison's scrap mega cool? And its a scrap!!

These are the closed and opened pink pages. I will do my sad sack writing in the pink box inside.
I am glad it's a long weekend. Dreaming of Italy, but alas no long distance traveling this year. Will Italy miss me as much as I shall miss her?
Here's whats been going on in school:

The annual first grade sock monkey paintings. I hung them up even though we have less than two weeks of school. They make me smile.

Love these barns made by the third graders. Each one came out so well. I reluctantly am sending them home this week.
That's about it from South Carolina. Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


So glad to have warm weather. My screened porch is perfect for drawing and painting. Now I just have to practice watercoloring like my girls A and A. They have it down.

I love these ranunculus that I saw at Trader Joes and could not resist. I better hurry up and paint them.

Found out about this cool book-Groove Book while at Pam Garrison workshop by a sweet woman named Minnie. Every month for $2.99 including shipping you can upload 100 photos and they will print them and send them back in a little book. I think it's pretty cool and a bargain. Comment me if you want the code to get your first book free.

Here's what my studio art table looks like at the moment. Somewhat of a mess but I am visiting it. Hope you have a great week and can visit your art table.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring break more than half over

Alas, spring break is just about over. It was nice to relax. Did not get as much done as I hoped, but did manage to complete, " do everything I don't want to do" Thursday.

A small amount of art work was completed. Not as much as hoped, but I think I finished two books and some magazines. Some fabric was purchased( ut oh). Bread made.

Some yard work was done. Managed to get all this sod for $5.00. Tomatoes, basil, and more lavender planted.
Now to work on the neglected lesson plans. I had high hopes for a day of school work. Should have put that on the Thursday list. Anyway...once Monsters on Monday is over it will be okay. Enjoy your week.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Full March

Hello friends. Finally some warmth and sunshine. Paris seems to be very popular these days. Let me know if you are going so I can add you to the list. Working a bit in the planner. Still haven't tackled the Pam pages I started. I hope soon.

Mostly busy with school stuff. Staying late catching up with stuff like prepping. This week I will teach the first graders to sew. Yeah, I am a bit daff, but hearing the boys excitement on learning is worth the chaos. There will be a crier as well.

Having fun with my tombow markers. It's garden work day here. A garden fairy I am not, but a girl needs her tomatoes. Thanks for visiting.