Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hiatus full

Today I was notified that my blog hiatus was over two months old. Sorry to devoted readers for the delay. I did not intend for any hiatus to occur, but it happened.
This picture is kind of blurry and the background is actually a deep blue/purple but I think I better keep rollin, rollin rollin.
I have been busy with school and we had a cold spell. Cold equals bury myself under the covers which isnt so conducive to creating art.

Things are looking good. We have just started our two week vacation and I have art and organizing plans. Got some new furniture for the studio for storage which I am excited about. Working on a sewing project as late gifts for my gals. Baking plans as well and a Christmas lasagna ( is that allowed?) Only weak spot in the week is taking Chloe to get her wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. Just in time for Christmas. Yes, little Miss was scheduled for Friday but enjoyed a small glass of lemonade that morning so back we go.

Here's my beach in the winter. Still looks nice.
Look what I found on my trip to North Carolina:

This knitting store was full of sock monkey scenes. Kind of like Christmas department store windows...but all with sock monkey. Plus I was able to pick up a deck of sock monkey tarot cards. Let me know if you need a reading. Enjoy the holidays and thanks for visiting despite my unplanned hiatus. Xxoo,t

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