Sunday, October 6, 2013

Full of half

I am finally back. Hope I remember how this works. It's been a hard two months, but I'm trying not to be mopey. School is going fine. They gave me the megaphone for after school car duty. Such power.

Have started many journal pages, but these are the only two I have managed to complete. Going to see my two art besties Thursday in Austin and we are going to Rachel Ashwell's Prairie b and b. Am I excited or what?

Trying my hardest to learn knitting and crochet but it isnt easy for this thumbellina. I hope Julie Arkell will be proud of my lopsided washcloth.

And lastly, here's my Kappa Delta at her first formal.
Hope all is well in your blog filled worlds.
Xxoo. T


Renee said...

Good to see you are back! LOVE the journal pages . . . bring your journal so we can encourage some more finishing in TX.
Can't wait to see you in just a few days. xoxx, R

Jone Hallmark said...

Wish I had known you were off to Austin! I might have been able to meet you there. Maybe next time - wouldn't that be a blast?!

Have a wonderful time. I will send your Inchies to you this coming might get it before you leave.

BIG hugs.........xo