Thursday, August 22, 2013


Nashville really was a fun town. I would like to go back there, but will bring my cowgirl boots next time. I wish I had painted this mural located in my hotels' stairwell to the parking garage.

Here on my own I made this empty nest crumble. The apricots and strawberries were great. Not so sure about the pine nuts. They should have been good, but...

School has begun and the kids are back in full force, requesting to use the bathroom and asking about the sock monkeys. Somehow I have forgotten the sock monkeys' names over the summer. What's a gal to do?
The college daughter seems to be doing well and made it into Kappa Delta after much drama. She even likes two of her classes. That is definitely one for the Roll Tide cheer.
Off to make my green smoothie. Got hooked on those in Nashville. Have a great weekend.

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Lisa said...

Had a little chuckle reading that kids still requesting to go to the bathroom...and hope you are still letting them go:)