Monday, April 15, 2013


Vermont was quite cold, but fun. I got my share of maple products as well as granola and bagels- and new boots that I found on sale. I really like them, but have not yet figured out how to walk down the stairs in them. Weird.
Look at these demo paintings I made for fifth grade:

I really like how they came out. I just used one color tempera paint and black and white for each. I couldn't stop painting while the students were painting their own.

I am bugged that I couldn't capture the beautiful blue colors of Lake Champlain and the mountains no matter how hard I tried.
I guess I don't have too much news. Cross your fingers I'm okay...had a high score on a blood test indicating possible problems in the liver. Further work to be done...
I am miffed... Have not come across my beloved jasmine yet. At least there has been some wisteria. Let me know of you have sighted any jasmine in your area. Send a photo.
Xxoo T


Kelly Kilmer said...

Thinking of you and your liver. Hope you are okay. Hugs.

I love your paintings and the journal page.

If it helps, before Christmas, I bought a pair of new boots. I wore them out, walked down the stairs and proceeded to scrape/scratch/tear the whole back heel on the stairs. I hate to say you're in good company with boots and stairs.

jone hallmark said...

I have lit my magic candle for you, dear Taylor......
Hang in there and think GOOD thoughts.

I think your paintings for the kids are fabulous - really!
Hope you will play around with some more...maybe in other colors, too. Can't wait to see 'em.

Hope your weekend has some fun attached. I will be at a track meet to watch Grayson in the High Jump and the 100 meter dash. .....graduation 6 weeks away!