Sunday, April 28, 2013

April almost full

Hello Blog Friends,
Sunday is here and the work week shall begin soon. We need two Sundays in every week.
Yesterday was the Italian Festival. Lori and I finally found our friend Antoinette while walking around. It was great to see her again. Had some delicious fresh mozzarella cheese at the festival. Look how nice Lori was to duck so I look like the tallest in our bunch.

We have been so busy with clay at school that my kiln could no longer take it and had a breakown. I hope I can get it fixed. Some of these fourth grade desserts are really good.

Hmm, not much else to report. I guess this was a quickie. Thanks for seeing me. Xxoo

Monday, April 15, 2013


Vermont was quite cold, but fun. I got my share of maple products as well as granola and bagels- and new boots that I found on sale. I really like them, but have not yet figured out how to walk down the stairs in them. Weird.
Look at these demo paintings I made for fifth grade:

I really like how they came out. I just used one color tempera paint and black and white for each. I couldn't stop painting while the students were painting their own.

I am bugged that I couldn't capture the beautiful blue colors of Lake Champlain and the mountains no matter how hard I tried.
I guess I don't have too much news. Cross your fingers I'm okay...had a high score on a blood test indicating possible problems in the liver. Further work to be done...
I am miffed... Have not come across my beloved jasmine yet. At least there has been some wisteria. Let me know of you have sighted any jasmine in your area. Send a photo.
Xxoo T