Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Seems like someone has blogitis. Sorry once again for my delay. Here are the finished pieces I glazed. They came out a little dull, but not bad.

I haven't been working on as much art as I wish. Distracted by watching season three of Downton Abbey and decluttering.
Spring is on its way and Charleston is starting to look the part.

Love these treses and the old limbs. Excited about going to Vermont soon to see some friends. I don't think the trees will look like this, but I do hope to do some maple sap gathering and boiling. Yum, fresh sugar on snow.

Some of these wire Calder sculptures came out pretty cool. It was a fun class project.

Well off to another episode of Downton Abbey. Thanks for visiting. Xxoo

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Kelly Kilmer said...

I love the clay pieces and the sculptures!!!!