Sunday, February 10, 2013

Taxingly full

Anyone seen a slacker lurking? Uh that would be me. Been busy trying to get taxes done so financial aid can be applied for so little Miss can go to college and than computer decides it doesnt want to work with taxes and yada yada...but finally it's done and I even got to relax a bit today before I had to get into salad mode. This is a farro and chicken salad.

I made the mistake of taking this cookbook out of the library, True Foods, and bought ingredients to try making two salads and a chili. The kale salad was great. This one not as good. Going to try not to open the book again so I can work on some painting.

I think I made this in Austin at Lorraine's house but it's still there. Lorraine was nice enough to sew everything together and I was sulky since I wanted to enamel instead of cut papers so I don't blame her if she keeps it, although these are not her colors.
So I think I will end with some student artwork. Have a sparkling week.xxoo t

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