Sunday, February 17, 2013

Half a weekend left...

Back for more blogging. This is my 16x20 painting. Still working on it a bit. Not sure about all the cluster things in the background. Too many? Too weird? Other suggestions?
Today I managed to spend most of the day working in my journal and on this painting. (also made some baked tofu)

Having no school tomorrow has really been a blessing, giving me some free time.
Tomorrow I hope to go through a huge stack of magazines( no, not that stack Kelly)
and color in another journal page.

These are some first graders showing off their clay hearts. It's an undertaking working with clay with my class numbers and time limits, but they love it. I have really enjoyed working with fourth grade this past week. They are making wire sculptures based on Alexander Calder's work.

Well off I frolic to cook up my kale, onion, and farro for dinner. Tra la la.

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