Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hello hello,
Where is the sunshine and warm weather? Where is my beloved summer?
Question...I have three personal days I want to use on a mini vacation but can not afford to fly across any oceans. Where do you think I should go? Please share.

I have had some fun this week painting on pottery pieces. This one is called black outline is NOT always a good idea. Agg.

I cannot wait to see how they turned out tomorrow when I open the kiln. It's always a surprise. These pictures are pre-glaze firing. I have been very brave this year offering clay lessons to every grade (except kindergarten from he@#). The students have really created some nice pieces.
Working on another large painting and so far I like it. Maybe it will be ready by my next blogging.
Ciao all


jone hallmark said...

COME TO New Mexico!!

I am teaching an EGG (peek-a-boo egg) class on March 9th. Oolie is coming, too..... and maybe Sue.
What fun it would be to have you there, too, Taylor.
Think about it, Taylor.

If not the class, though, come for a visit anytime!
Would LOVE to have you.....


Jill Holmes said...

The journal page face looks very pensive. I love the expression in her eyes. She really reflects the tone of the words and questions on the page.

Hope you and "Little Miss" are doing well. You could always visit Williamsburg, VA. The drive is not that far and it is an interesting community if you have never been there. Do a little research and make sure you would like it. Of course, I hope it will be a little warmer when you decide to travel. They may be covered in snow right now!