Sunday, December 16, 2012

Full of doll friends

Oh my gosh, this week I have too many pictures to show.

I love the way all my dolls look together. It will be hard but fun to send them on their way to my good friends. Ha, looks like the little one of me in the far left has a tail. That's a flower stem. No doubt I have been so busy this week making things and than I ran into car issues- not fun. And what's the point of having a warrenty on your tires if you still have to buy three more because one is unfixable?

Ah sorry about the ranting. Here are some of my clay pieces that are also leaving me. I plan to make more when my December vacation begins- 4 more school days. Yahoo count down. I think the kiddos are already thinking its vacation. Hard to feel too much joy with the sadness in Connecticut with the senseless tragedy. I had left school Friday before I heard about it so our kids will come in tomorrow with many unresolved feelings I am sure.

Journal page from November. I always am missing Paris. So lots more next time:Things I purchased in Austin, journal work, house interiors...maybe even a picture of the maple fudge I plan to make. Off to pack the dolls and other goodies in boxes. Thanks for visiting my blog. Stay safe this week. Xxoo

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laurie said...

your dolls are so cute - what a wonderful gift for your friends. i am always missing paris, too. i hope we get back there soon. :-)