Sunday, November 25, 2012

Full of finds

Feeling a bit low today so I was happy to find my doll as I kept busy busy busy. Wowie, I have not stopped. I think I have done more today than all week. Just haven't made the maple fudge.( umm and probably a ton more stuff..)

These faces will probably be part of holiday gifts once I decide what they should become. I love the blonde with blue eyes.

Still busy in my journal. With a huge table it's so much easier to leave things and come back to them when I can.
Trying to get psyched up for school tomorrow. It will be hard after some time off. Lots of Vincent van Gogh this week. That should be expressive.

And lastly, these can cheer any girl up. Oh my yum and I don't even like chocolate that much. ( thanks Kelly for the rave review on these delights) Have a good week. Thanks for seeing me.

1 comment:

laurie said...

what beautiful faces - i can see how giving them "life" would keep you busy and happy.