Sunday, November 25, 2012

Full of finds

Feeling a bit low today so I was happy to find my doll as I kept busy busy busy. Wowie, I have not stopped. I think I have done more today than all week. Just haven't made the maple fudge.( umm and probably a ton more stuff..)

These faces will probably be part of holiday gifts once I decide what they should become. I love the blonde with blue eyes.

Still busy in my journal. With a huge table it's so much easier to leave things and come back to them when I can.
Trying to get psyched up for school tomorrow. It will be hard after some time off. Lots of Vincent van Gogh this week. That should be expressive.

And lastly, these can cheer any girl up. Oh my yum and I don't even like chocolate that much. ( thanks Kelly for the rave review on these delights) Have a good week. Thanks for seeing me.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A little less FULL of stuff

Happy Thanksgiving Blogger Friends

I woke up at 4:45 AM to drive my friend Lori to the airport and than I went to my friend Ellen's at six AM for scones and clay. Here are the silly things I made. That funny looking piece in the front is a rabbit head.

Later I came home and worked on my hoarding room where I have put everything as I get reorganized. It's still a mess but so much better. I have a cute chaise lounge to move into this room once I get some muscle power to come over.

I made these clay pieces a few days ago. I can't wait to fire everything in the kiln.
And now a bit of relaxing and then I shall tackle my art studio a bit more. Hope you had a nice holiday with friends and family.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halfway to my tattoo

Look who has lemons in the winter...and we know what that means...more limoncello. Hip hip horray! I am enjoying the screened in porch, especially since it seems to be a lot warmer outside than inside. Just need some comfy furniture out there and a table.

I have been doing more journal work. Cannot wait til next week when I get five full work days free to create and try to organize my house. My new bed should be here by then and my guest room will be ready- so feel free to visit.

I am quite interested in getting a tattoo. The only thing stopping me is... No, not the pain, but what image/words to use and where to put it. Many places intrigue me. I think tattoos can look pretty cool. Have been looking for ideas and have seen some nifty things. The white tats are very stunning. Funny, these days it is one if the things Chloe and I actually have in common. If you have any ideas of what might look good, please share. (this journal page isn't quite complete).
Ah lesson plans and laundry are calling out to me. Have a good week.xxoo
PS Aren't you proud of me? I managed to blog two weeks in a row. Yahooie.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A weekend ful

Surprise! I'm actually writing a post. Longing for time to work more in/on my studio, but today is magazine day. You don't even want to see my " collection." Chloe thinks I might have a bit of a problem. Probably, but I'm just an eye candy type of gal.

Here's another view of my studio with my new workbench.

I have been very busy at school. My students made some incredible art for a fund raiser where their art can be made into notebooks, cards, mugs etc. The only problem is they worked so long and hard on these pictures and no one sees them but the parents. They go straight home. I try to take pictures, but there are over 500 pieces of art.
Okay okay, I'll go work on my collection. Also making a yum soup via my love, Jamie Oliver. Ta ta.