Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stress-full week

This has not been my best week.
Watching my love, Dr. Mark Sloan die on Grey's Anatomy was too sad for me.

This was my first week of having to work Fridays ( complete with morning bus duty). I treated myself to this bracelet to wear on Fridays to give me strength. I really valued not working Fridays, but such is the way.

Chipper scored big.
Chloe was in one of her abrasive moods...
Umm... oh I will have three groups of twenty 4 year olds each week in the art room.
One night I managed to go to sleep at 7:50. Another night my entire dream took place at the liquor store Total Wine.

But there's a new week on the way and Riley is in town so it's got to be better.
Next weekend I'll be back in my house and I feel like cooking up a storm.


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Hoping next week is better for you, Taylor. Your bracelet is really fun and really cool. What kinds of things do you do with 20 four year olds?

Jone Hallmark said...

First of all - GREAT BRACELET!
I hope it will do the trick every Friday!

I missed Grey's Anatomy and wondered WHO it was that was leaving the show...sigh....
Hard to watch those we "love" bite the dust, hunh?

How is Chloe - the SENIOR?!
Grayson is better this year than last, BUT he continues to "know best" which does not work with his parents all that well (!!!!!!) Looking forward to next year!

laurie said...

i watched that grey's anatomy also - so sad! i would love to only work four days a week. my school district has a policy against part-time or job sharing. five days a week is just a bit much for me!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Tough week but great to give yorurself some encouragement!!!!
My dream would be to work four days at week in school:
Work, Monday and Tuesday, free Wednesday and work Thursday and Friday....How about that!?
Never work more than two days in a row:)
But I guess, there would be no more trips to France that way...and that would be too bad!
Hope you're doing fine Taylor!
Much love

Lorraine said...

Hey you! Love tour studio room and your new bracelet!! You were holding out on me!!!! :0)