Sunday, September 23, 2012

Half a title

At last I have been busy in my art journal. I finally took out some paints too. I need so much practice. I asked my so talented friend Renee for the skin color recipe (which colors to use) and she sent me a recipe for laundry soap instead so I had to wing it( what I do best anyway...) In my defense I was also distracted by a phone call while painting this. I shall try again soon...

This one used these color watercolor markers that my friend Jane ( now hooping it up in Bali) suggested, but I forgot how they are used. Still kind of nice pale colors.

My friend Lori and I went to our Italian friend Antoinette's house for some cooking practice. Antoinette showed us how to make a great pepperoni bread- but I made mine with pesto and mozzarella instead. It's so good, we discovered Antoinette can never bring a whole one to a party- her husband has to "sample" half of it before she gets to the party. Lori showed us how to make gnocchi and then after dinner we had limoncello and expresso with anisette. Fabulous. I am so thankful for these two friends that help me laugh the entire time we are together.
Have a great week. Thanks for visiting.


Renee said...

LOL - what was I thinking . . . just because I asked if you were interested in a laundry soap recipe in the previous email! And so that would be in MY defense!
VERY NICE journal pages - love the first girl's tan and the pale colors of the second girl are really pretty!
Your bread looks delicious though at first glance I thought you had baked a fish!

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Did someone say "limoncello"? Yummmmmm. THAT's what I need...!isn't it wonderful to have friends to laugh it up with? Your bread looks and sounds delicuous. What a great idea to use pesto...oooh la la. How is school going?