Sunday, September 9, 2012

Full eyes ahead please

School is keeping me quite busy these days. So many children to keep track of everyday. The self portraits are turning out grand. Finding the parents to be a bit odd. I stand outside thirty minutes everyday for bus duty and some have managed to not give me eye contact for over 8 months. What's up with that?

This weekend I devoted a lot of time to working in my art journal. I think I managed five pages or so. I am not sure if this one needs more art on the side or not, but I thought I would go for a less is more type of look.

I had a nice Labor Day weekend and tried out some new restaurants both good and bad ( Tattooed Moose was no prize). This beautiful rose was on the table at the Hominy Grill. I'm thinking quite good for Southern food, although I only had eggs and grits.


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

I think I can smell that rose! And your pages are great! Boy, could we EVER share "strange parents" stories... I had a parent accuse me two years ago of stealing her daughter's pencils out of her desk...the very pencils I gave her because she didn't have any. Hmmm. Really?

Jone Hallmark said...

nothing wrong with good eggs and grits (!!!)

Thinking 'bout you... hope things are GOOD.


Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Love these 2 journal pages, Taylor! Especially the one with the owl and your happy, smiling face. :)