Sunday, August 5, 2012


I have taken out my sewing stuff and started working on a bag/purse from an old pillow case.

This is the start of the back. I'm going to embroider around the rabbit and than sew that piece to the pillowcase.

This is the start of the front. Do you think the long rectangle panel with the deer and houses belongs color wise? I love the fabric, but can't decide it it goes.
Sorrow sorrow, this will be my last week of vacation. So much to do but feel I just want to enjoy things for my last week. Maybe I'll have a mix of the two.
Next posting won't take as long since I have already done the work in my journal. I know...amazing.
Have a great week. I hope to. Maybe I'll even start the bracelets I wanted to sew all summer.

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jone hallmark said...

Yes, the fabric from Anna Maria looks GREAT colorwise.
You can add bits overlapping it a bit to integrate it more with the other parts, along with some stitching..
Hope you are well, Taylor. Were your ears burning last week? We spoke of you often during our retreat to paradise... (Di, Becky, Oolie and I)