Saturday, August 11, 2012

More full than I thought

I have been busy in my journal for once. This picture cracks me up because it totally does not look like me ( I hope), but the drawing did come from that photo.

Looks like I'm in the short hair mode these days and I do need a haircut, but not this short. We have had a lot of night storms this week which I love ( but this has nothing to do with my page).

I do have to thank my friend Renee for keeping me focused this week on my journal pages. She has been very encouraging. I would link her but she is on a blog strike these days. It is too bad since she is painting up a storm and her work is looking really good.
Have to get into the classroom this coming week. I am a bit excited about it and not having the usual dread. That is jolly good. Have a great weekend and week. I shall be back. Xxoo

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Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Hi Taylor!! I LOVE your short hairdo and that photo, gorgeous! You look travel/summer/happy!! Thrilled to hear that you are not dreading going back to work....can you have that rub off on me, please?! I go back officially on August 28th, my daughter's birthday. I have put in 4 days of curriculum work this summer, but for the most part, havent thought about work... Still focused on a great summer. Your journaling looks wonderful. Isn't summer journaling time the best? Tell me all about your final days of vacation, and how your classroom setup goes. Hugs, kath