Sunday, August 26, 2012

Full stop ahead needed

Wow sorry friends, I have been so busy with school and it has really tired me out. Kids seem great. Too bad there are so many in a class. 26 kindergarten artists might put me over the edge. We also have a few resident bug watchers dedicated to reporting every bug spotted in the art room.

Finally finished this one. I am liking working in this big journal. I call it my Pam journal since I always seem to use it in a Pam Garrison class. Even made it in one if her classes.

Look how lucky I am. My friend Di from England sent me this adorable donkey she made while we were at the Julie Arkel class. Thanks Di, I love it.

And finally a page I posted on face book but in case we are not friends here it is. Have a great week. Xxoo

Saturday, August 11, 2012

More full than I thought

I have been busy in my journal for once. This picture cracks me up because it totally does not look like me ( I hope), but the drawing did come from that photo.

Looks like I'm in the short hair mode these days and I do need a haircut, but not this short. We have had a lot of night storms this week which I love ( but this has nothing to do with my page).

I do have to thank my friend Renee for keeping me focused this week on my journal pages. She has been very encouraging. I would link her but she is on a blog strike these days. It is too bad since she is painting up a storm and her work is looking really good.
Have to get into the classroom this coming week. I am a bit excited about it and not having the usual dread. That is jolly good. Have a great weekend and week. I shall be back. Xxoo

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I have taken out my sewing stuff and started working on a bag/purse from an old pillow case.

This is the start of the back. I'm going to embroider around the rabbit and than sew that piece to the pillowcase.

This is the start of the front. Do you think the long rectangle panel with the deer and houses belongs color wise? I love the fabric, but can't decide it it goes.
Sorrow sorrow, this will be my last week of vacation. So much to do but feel I just want to enjoy things for my last week. Maybe I'll have a mix of the two.
Next posting won't take as long since I have already done the work in my journal. I know...amazing.
Have a great week. I hope to. Maybe I'll even start the bracelets I wanted to sew all summer.