Thursday, July 12, 2012

Half comatosed

I am missing my Italy. It is such a joy to be there. My only artwork started in Florence- thanks to Cynthia. I painted it at home. Kind of fun.
Heres the photo of the scene:

Yeah, it's good to use your imagination.
As my friend Becky said- I'm having a coma week. Can't seem to get anything done. Just laying around. Saw my weeks are numbered on the calendar so maybe I'll get myself going.
Here are some journal pages. It felt good looking at my journal today and remembering what I used to do.

Not such a good reproduction. Sorry.

Cynthia gave me some of these cool journal dodas like the striped paper and seal. So say a wish that I get over my coma and get busy. Hope you haven't fallen into the summer coma too- unless you wanted to.xxoo


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Your painting and pages are lovely!! I bet Italy misses your love, too!

laurie said...

oh, i know that feeling! i have been traveling, which has been fun, but i am longing for some lazy days at home. i start back to work (at school) on august 1! i'm glad you enjoyed italy - love your travel journal pages!

jone hallmark said...

Your journal pages are great! I like them a lot.
Good to see another post...ha!

I am sure that your dreams are filled with color and fun - memories of Italia. You really never left, right?