Saturday, July 28, 2012

Full of nothing

What are you guys going to do with me? I can't seem to fuel myself with making any art. Caught in a rut perhaps?

Maybe I'm missing Italy?
I'm feeling a bit sick of my drawing style so I think I'm working through this- although paper and practice would probably help this more than reading.

Enjoyed reading Susannah Conway's new book, this i know.
I'm coming down to the stretch before school starts again so hopefully I'll get back into it... But I'm not sure. Thanks for visiting my non working artist blog. Xxoo

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Half comatosed

I am missing my Italy. It is such a joy to be there. My only artwork started in Florence- thanks to Cynthia. I painted it at home. Kind of fun.
Heres the photo of the scene:

Yeah, it's good to use your imagination.
As my friend Becky said- I'm having a coma week. Can't seem to get anything done. Just laying around. Saw my weeks are numbered on the calendar so maybe I'll get myself going.
Here are some journal pages. It felt good looking at my journal today and remembering what I used to do.

Not such a good reproduction. Sorry.

Cynthia gave me some of these cool journal dodas like the striped paper and seal. So say a wish that I get over my coma and get busy. Hope you haven't fallen into the summer coma too- unless you wanted to.xxoo

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Floor full of water

Super time in Italy. Ready to move there and I even got to drink a lemon slushy drink (without limoncello).
So... no matter what I manage to flood every Italian bathroom I have been in when taking a shower. I'm not sure why... So imagine my surprise when I saw this at my last hotel in Florence:

There was no containment, ridge, tub etc so I was meant to flood the bathroom and that I did!
Look at this hairdryer:

I'm almost home. My plane from Paris was late so I missed my connection and had to stay over night in NYC. But look I didn't flood the bathroom:

Art and nice photos next time. I promise. Thanks for reading this silly post.