Sunday, June 17, 2012

Half a week until Italy

Ciao friends. The procrastinating blogger is back again. Summer vacation has started out wonderful even with having to go to school for three full days this week. I have been getting ready for my big trip.

Here's the cover for my journal. Because the cover is not very sturdy I made a little case for it out of this cool paper my cousin made using velum and GAK 400.

It's pretty cool and sturdy. I started to make a bracelet with some of it but got confused as to whether I wanted to show the fabric pieces or the velum stuff.
Pretty excited about the trip. Deciding if I want to bring mostly stitching or drawing supplies. Trying to pack lightly.

SydSyd sent me this oh so adorable rabbit this week (and a cool blue scarf for our next snow storm in Seattle). I just love her. I am seeing if I can link to Syd's blog using my phone. Not sure. If you see all that computer talk above: sorry.
Anyway next time I blog I shall be in Italy which means I should have loads of pictures. Until then... I better get packing.


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Caio! You're so funny: "the procrastinating blogger!" I am laughing. Glad you are enjoying some vacation time and I hope your travels are amazing!!

laurie said...

have a wonderful time in italy with lots of lazy moments sitting in piazzas with your travel journal!!!