Friday, June 29, 2012

Tuscan colorful

Just some photos this time. Italy is still beautiful everyday as the temperature heats up. Lots of picture taking, but not much shopping.

Lots of eating, but not enough lemons. I am still looking for a frothy lemon drink but I'm in the wild boar region, not lemons.

The buildings are amazing, the colors and aged facades.

I try to peek into the windows, but they are usually shut tight.
One more full day in Tuscany and than it's back to Florence.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I haven't had a chance to make any art, but I have seen quite a lot. I bought a few tiny watercolors from a street vendor that I hope will encourage me to paint a bit while I'm here. Italy is just as I remember it- buonissimo. I started out in Florence where I decided I would see how many gelatos I could eat in one day.
Here's the Duomo.

Now I am in the Tuscany countryside by the coast. It is so incredibly beautiful everywhere you go. Stopped at the beautiful town of San Gimignano where a bit of shopping was done. Ut oh.

Next stop was Castagneto Carducci. I think this is where I want to move. It's a small town that was chock full of lively fun people until 12 midnight. There was music, dancing, wine and oddly a beer fest.

I hope you can see the moon in this picture. Time for new adventures. Ciao.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Half a week until Italy

Ciao friends. The procrastinating blogger is back again. Summer vacation has started out wonderful even with having to go to school for three full days this week. I have been getting ready for my big trip.

Here's the cover for my journal. Because the cover is not very sturdy I made a little case for it out of this cool paper my cousin made using velum and GAK 400.

It's pretty cool and sturdy. I started to make a bracelet with some of it but got confused as to whether I wanted to show the fabric pieces or the velum stuff.
Pretty excited about the trip. Deciding if I want to bring mostly stitching or drawing supplies. Trying to pack lightly.

SydSyd sent me this oh so adorable rabbit this week (and a cool blue scarf for our next snow storm in Seattle). I just love her. I am seeing if I can link to Syd's blog using my phone. Not sure. If you see all that computer talk above: sorry.
Anyway next time I blog I shall be in Italy which means I should have loads of pictures. Until then... I better get packing.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Finally halfly here

Oh my gosh friends, so sorry for the lapse. I wish I could say I was busy on a special project or stuck in Australia, but there are no good excuses.

Summer vacation has started and it is a wonderful thing. Yes as you can see on my first journal page I broke down and am going to Italy in less than three weeks. I can't wait. I'll be mostly in Florence and the Tuscany countryside. No water buffalo this year but quite a few wine tastings and a bit of pecorino cheese.

So many pictures from the beautiful cemetery in Savannah.
So hopefully I'll be posting again soon and have more art to show you. Have a great week. Xxoo