Sunday, April 15, 2012


 I had a great time with my friend Lorraine this week. She came to visit from Texas. We spent one evening just working in our journals after having a copic marker buying frenzy.
 Lorraine's main mission was to take photographs at Bonaventure (spelling?) cemetery in Savannah. It was very beautiful there and we both had a nice time walking around taking pictures.
Here we are on the way back from Savannah. We hit a snarly traffic jam due to gawkers of an overturned big rig but we still had fun on the road.
We didn't get as much art done as we hoped so there is not much to post. Tried to make a beaded wrap bracelet but Lorraine apparently took pity on my skills of precision and took it home to finish.
Hopefully next time I will have more art to show.  My class sure will. We are getting ready for an art show next Tuesday.

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Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

...a marker buying frenzy and journaling with a friend! Sounds so perfect! This will be an artful wish of mine... Best to you on your upcoming art show. Hope to see photos!! Have a good week!