Sunday, April 8, 2012

Half Jesse/half me

Renee bought this really thin/fine Pitt pen at Artfest and I am glad I copied her and bought one because I love it. I had so much fun drawing with it on this page.
As promised here is my Jesse Reno painting. This is the under painting when he gave us various prompts to fill our page.

And this is the final:

Hard to believe. I'm not sure I love it, but I do like how the paint dried on the paper. It's a really nice smooth texture.
So excited, it's spring break AND
my friend Lorraine is visiting. We are going to Savannah to take pictures and hanging out here in Charleston. We may even make some chi-chi wrap bracelets with beads. Hope you all have a great week too. Thanks for visiting.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Love your journal page! Your before and after paintings are BOTH amazing!! They're so different from each other!! Love them!

Renee said...

Great journal page! Your J Reno class artwork is really nice too . . . love seeing how it evolved - the beginning photo then the finished art! Well done!