Saturday, February 11, 2012

Full of Ms. Arkell

 Here is Julie welcoming us on the first night. I always have to take pictures of Julie because she wears the most incredible outfits with layers of pretties. Her aprons are good enough to wear to a party. I enjoyed Julie's talk the first night. It is apparent that she truly feels each character she creates has it's own personality.
 This is just part of Kim's collection of Julie's work. Apparently her husband has no trouble figuring out what to get her as a gift. Julie enjoyed seeing her old friends but was worried that she hadn't put knickers on one of the dolls she had made a few years back.
The first day was spent working on forming the figures with newspaper and than gluing on the newspaper with wallpaper paste. We dried everything over the radiators. I think I showed a picture of my objects drying in a previous blog entry.
 The next day we started with the dressing and decorating. This was quite challenging for me. None of my pieces are complete yet, but I will show you what I have so far. Above you will see my five hour pink knitted rabbit hat. OOh I really wanted one and knitting is not my thing. I tried to persevere (much to Julie's horror, I think) and only had a tear or two. After I completed the hat (which Julie said she envied for it's imperfectness) Julie promptly took the knitting needles away from me and recommended I take a knitting class before starting anymore knitting projects.
 Julie brought in some paper mache puppets she made (and did an inpronto puppet show for us with them) and suggested we each make one. This was harder than it looked since we used the wet paper technique. Many of the group worked on elaborate costumes for their puppets, but I was too busy knitting that hat to finish much detail on my puppet. The body is from a a shirt and there is a sleeve on the right where I will create another head and have a double puppet.
This little friend is still in the pin stage. I worked on a new style ear not involving knitting. It's amazing to me how hard it is to make a good face on these dolls. Julie does it with ease but as nice as everyone's work was, none looked like Julie's- especially the eyes and mouth. I think that is a good thing.
My creatures are still in England on holiday. My new friend Janet said she would send them back to me. so right now I am taking a break from finishing them. I'll provide an update when they are completed.
All in all it was a fun class and I learned some new techniques. West Dean was a beautiful campus and the other women were nice to be around. Julie's personality was the best part for me.


Lorraine said...

Awe, I love what you made Taylor1 I hope they are back by the time I get there!!

Renee said...

that sweet pink hat was worth it! Great job Taylor!

art spirit said...

thanks for the fun time spent with Julie....I'd better start knitting lessons now!