Saturday, January 7, 2012

Halfy New Year

Happy New Year Friends.
Here is my new years picture that I created in my journal. Quite a big face if I do say so myself.
First week of school went pretty well. Lots of kids are wearing their new sock monkey hats, very cute.
 I wish you could see how sparkly I made this page. I'm taking an on line class with too much fun Jane called Draw Happy and I have been trying to draw using her style for my faces. This face is just a bit different than my usual, but hard to tell in this picture.  It's interesting trying something else. Her videos are fun, especially how she carries on with her dogs. She lives in the most beautiful part of Australia. Well actually I have never been to Australia so don't know if it's the MOST beautiful, but it sure is breathtaking in the videos.

Ah what you have been waiting for... the winner of the bracelet giveaway. Good news, bad news, The bad news: I have decided to extend the giveaway until the end of January. Good news: You can enter again if you want. Each time you enter a comment I will put your name in the giveaway bag. More chances to win. OOh la la. I've even been working on some non leather bracelets shown in the picture. Looks like someone needs to take an online photo class so her blog photos will look better. Any recommendations?
Getting ready for Seattle. What to bring? A raincoat sure enough and some warm clothes. Footwear is always the problem. Any suggestions for Seattle footwear in the winter? Do tell.
Okay dinnee time. Have a good week.


Marcia said...

I would like to be entered for a chance to win a bracelet!

PaperPumpkin said...

Glad to near that your first week back went well! I missed the first two days when I was sick, but went back on Thursday. I now think that I could get used to a two-day work week... Haha. Your writing for your hair...LOVE this.

Diane Foster said...

great first picture and objective Taylor - I love the texture your writing gives on the hair and the dress and the colour! Full to bursting Id say! See you soon!

Cat said...

Your bracelets are beautiful--I would love to win one!!