Saturday, January 28, 2012


Here I am in London with no cash. ATM machine will not give me cash. I have talked to my bank 4 times ( and do have money in my account) so I guess the new adventure is London on 90 pounds a week. We shall see how it goes. Don't worry I can use my credit card for things like restaurants but not small shops and flea markets.
Always an adventure. At least I ran into this tonight:

And even ordered dessert:

Tomorrow I go to the Tate Modern. Luckily walking and museums are free. Julie Arkell on Monday where I get to meet Di and borrow some cash.
Live and learn....


Lana said...

Taylor, I am going to email you rather than write so much on here. Just found your place in Art Journaling this weekend. More on that later/ *I found myself in the same "non-giving ATM" situation a year ago in Europe!! Frustrating! (and I'm certainly of an age that I should know better!!) You'll make it! :) Enjoy your time.

jone hallmark said...

Oh Taylor!!!!
What an unusual adventure - ha! I am sure that Di will have some cash for you to borrow...(gosh I don't like ATM machines anywhere)

I hope that your class yesterday (and today?) was GREAT! How is Julie? I hope that we will all be together in France this summer.

Please give Di and Julie a hug from me...and keep one for yourself. Bummer that Danielle is in Nuremberg right's be nice for you to see her, too.

Can't wait to hear all about your class....
Love to you, my friend.