Sunday, January 22, 2012

Half packed/half unpacked

My birthday was on Wednesday and I must say it went okay. Not much happened but I felt fine about adding another number to my growth.
Funny I started this calm page feeling at ease but all that hot pink made it a bit frenzied. Still I like it since pink and birthdays should go together.

Here is the sweater cat I made with the help of Mary Stanley's owls that she made for us in Seattle.My cat had the honor of being part of the kindergarten still life set up.

Here is Mary's owl next to my caowl.
This is the last week for the bracelet give away. Here's the little bag with all the names. I'll pick out a name before I leave for London on Thursday but won't be able to send the bracelet until I get back.

Stay tuned on Thursday for the winner. I guess I better start packing. Cheerio


Kelly Kilmer said...

I hope that you had an artful birthday!!!! I love all of the photos!!! Safe travels to London. I am jealous. ;)

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

I love the little cat/owl! Hope you have a WONDERFUL time in London (but wish you were going to be with us at PLAY), can't wait hear all about your adventures. xo

Lorraine said...

You didn't tell me you blogged about your trip!! I love the collaborative paintings, your catowl , your scarf.... You had such fun and without me! Have fun in England. Be safe!