Saturday, January 28, 2012


Here I am in London with no cash. ATM machine will not give me cash. I have talked to my bank 4 times ( and do have money in my account) so I guess the new adventure is London on 90 pounds a week. We shall see how it goes. Don't worry I can use my credit card for things like restaurants but not small shops and flea markets.
Always an adventure. At least I ran into this tonight:

And even ordered dessert:

Tomorrow I go to the Tate Modern. Luckily walking and museums are free. Julie Arkell on Monday where I get to meet Di and borrow some cash.
Live and learn....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Halfway to London

Here I am at the airport feeling a bit pensive for some reason about my trip.

The Julie Arkell class at West Dean will be great. I am looking forward to seeing Julie again and meeting Di and the other English women in the class...

But somehow I still feel pensive. I'm sure it will be great once I get there.

Bracelet Giveaway Winner:
Laurie you are the winner!
Here is the first grader who picked your name from my bag.

Email your address to me in the next two weeks and I'll send it when I return. Thanks everyone for your comments.
I'll send a London update soon.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Half packed/half unpacked

My birthday was on Wednesday and I must say it went okay. Not much happened but I felt fine about adding another number to my growth.
Funny I started this calm page feeling at ease but all that hot pink made it a bit frenzied. Still I like it since pink and birthdays should go together.

Here is the sweater cat I made with the help of Mary Stanley's owls that she made for us in Seattle.My cat had the honor of being part of the kindergarten still life set up.

Here is Mary's owl next to my caowl.
This is the last week for the bracelet give away. Here's the little bag with all the names. I'll pick out a name before I leave for London on Thursday but won't be able to send the bracelet until I get back.

Stay tuned on Thursday for the winner. I guess I better start packing. Cheerio

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seattle artfull

Okay here is just some of the stuff we/I did. First we all started a canvas.

Each of us added to the paintings throughout the weekend. My rabbit painting was brought home like this:

Pretty different. I love it and the colors.
Here is Teesha's painting that we all worked on.

Isn't it coolio? The houses below we're part of an idea Sid told us about.
Mary brought in a bunch of recycled sweater pieces and we each made a scrap fabric scarf. Mine is not finished yet but it looks like this so far:

I also made a cat puppet ( to be shown next time since I left it at school.) The collaborative painting was probably the hardest and most fun project we worked on during the snowy weekend.

Monday, January 16, 2012


My trip to Seattle was wonderful. We did so many different art projects and got to just hang out.
I drew this picture in Sid's journal and really like it.

We went on a field trip and saw lots of these well dressed trees. Really nice colors. It was a good idea these trees were yarn bombed because look what happened while I was in Seattle...

And this was Sunday afternoon when it was time to say good-bye.

Next time I'll show you some of the things we made.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Halfy New Year

Happy New Year Friends.
Here is my new years picture that I created in my journal. Quite a big face if I do say so myself.
First week of school went pretty well. Lots of kids are wearing their new sock monkey hats, very cute.
 I wish you could see how sparkly I made this page. I'm taking an on line class with too much fun Jane called Draw Happy and I have been trying to draw using her style for my faces. This face is just a bit different than my usual, but hard to tell in this picture.  It's interesting trying something else. Her videos are fun, especially how she carries on with her dogs. She lives in the most beautiful part of Australia. Well actually I have never been to Australia so don't know if it's the MOST beautiful, but it sure is breathtaking in the videos.

Ah what you have been waiting for... the winner of the bracelet giveaway. Good news, bad news, The bad news: I have decided to extend the giveaway until the end of January. Good news: You can enter again if you want. Each time you enter a comment I will put your name in the giveaway bag. More chances to win. OOh la la. I've even been working on some non leather bracelets shown in the picture. Looks like someone needs to take an online photo class so her blog photos will look better. Any recommendations?
Getting ready for Seattle. What to bring? A raincoat sure enough and some warm clothes. Footwear is always the problem. Any suggestions for Seattle footwear in the winter? Do tell.
Okay dinnee time. Have a good week.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

half by hand in artful journaling

It's here! I finally found it at one of our Barnes and Nobles so I just had to buy it. Riley came with me and was quite excited.
I'm even in the table of contents. As much as I am delighted to be represented in artful journaling and love how the pictures came out I am a bit baffled about one thing... In my article I was asked to write about my drawing style and my "characters," but half the pictures used don't even show my drawings or my journaling which I usually included on almost every page. I didn't know which pictures had been selected when I wrote the article. Oh well.
 This Twig and Fig page just had some images I liked that I glued onto a journal page. I am surprised I didn't add anything to this page when I worked on it. Glad this page with the two rabbits I painted was included. It is one of my favorite pages.
I think this page was selected  because of the cute rabbit made by the most wonderful Julie Arkell. When I was in France, my friend Sam was able to purchase this adorable rabbit from Julie. I was so mesmerized with her, I had to take photo after photo. Thanks Julie and Sam for allowing Rose Rabbit to be a published rabbit.
So all in all it's pretty cool to be in the magazine even if there were some better pages that could have been  used from my art journal... Maybe next time.