Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fully vacation

First days off from school and I even managed to tidy up the garage, wash the kitchen floor( quite a feat pour moi) and do some journal work. It's been chilly here in South Carolina, but I don't think there will be snow. Missing my Riley over the holidays. Chloe and I will celebrate Christmas morning with "7 days to skinny jeans" pink smoothies.( Her idea)

Some of my clay pieces. They are fun to make. Three layers of glaze is a bit of a stretch for someone as impatient as me, but I have managed.
Alas the maple fudge was a flop. A bit like a praline without the pecan. Not sure what I did wrong.

I got this pink truck in Austin. I have always wanted an old truck to put stuff in thanks to Sally Jean. Still on the look-out for a bigger blue one.
Hope you have a nice holiday with friends and family.
Xxoo T

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Full of doll friends

Oh my gosh, this week I have too many pictures to show.

I love the way all my dolls look together. It will be hard but fun to send them on their way to my good friends. Ha, looks like the little one of me in the far left has a tail. That's a flower stem. No doubt I have been so busy this week making things and than I ran into car issues- not fun. And what's the point of having a warrenty on your tires if you still have to buy three more because one is unfixable?

Ah sorry about the ranting. Here are some of my clay pieces that are also leaving me. I plan to make more when my December vacation begins- 4 more school days. Yahoo count down. I think the kiddos are already thinking its vacation. Hard to feel too much joy with the sadness in Connecticut with the senseless tragedy. I had left school Friday before I heard about it so our kids will come in tomorrow with many unresolved feelings I am sure.

Journal page from November. I always am missing Paris. So lots more next time:Things I purchased in Austin, journal work, house interiors...maybe even a picture of the maple fudge I plan to make. Off to pack the dolls and other goodies in boxes. Thanks for visiting my blog. Stay safe this week. Xxoo

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Fun times in Austin last weekend with my friend of friends Lorraine. Alas we did not get to do any enameling ( hmpf), but Lorraine was set on making these paper scrap circles. They still have to be sewn. Not the ideal project for those who can not cut straight( that would be me), but we still had fun- even though she didn't serve me dinner that night!

We also had a shopping day. It was great to shop with a friend, but probably dangerous. We stopped here for refreshments. I ate way more than usual, but everything was so delicious. Frozen peach bellini was very tasty.

Lorraine also took me to a really nice antique store in Georgetown, TX where I purchased some baubles. I'm working on dressing up my tacky chandelier.

I have to say, everything is truly bigger in Texas. I cant wait to go back. Maybe she will even feed me dinner next time.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Full of finds

Feeling a bit low today so I was happy to find my doll as I kept busy busy busy. Wowie, I have not stopped. I think I have done more today than all week. Just haven't made the maple fudge.( umm and probably a ton more stuff..)

These faces will probably be part of holiday gifts once I decide what they should become. I love the blonde with blue eyes.

Still busy in my journal. With a huge table it's so much easier to leave things and come back to them when I can.
Trying to get psyched up for school tomorrow. It will be hard after some time off. Lots of Vincent van Gogh this week. That should be expressive.

And lastly, these can cheer any girl up. Oh my yum and I don't even like chocolate that much. ( thanks Kelly for the rave review on these delights) Have a good week. Thanks for seeing me.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A little less FULL of stuff

Happy Thanksgiving Blogger Friends

I woke up at 4:45 AM to drive my friend Lori to the airport and than I went to my friend Ellen's at six AM for scones and clay. Here are the silly things I made. That funny looking piece in the front is a rabbit head.

Later I came home and worked on my hoarding room where I have put everything as I get reorganized. It's still a mess but so much better. I have a cute chaise lounge to move into this room once I get some muscle power to come over.

I made these clay pieces a few days ago. I can't wait to fire everything in the kiln.
And now a bit of relaxing and then I shall tackle my art studio a bit more. Hope you had a nice holiday with friends and family.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halfway to my tattoo

Look who has lemons in the winter...and we know what that means...more limoncello. Hip hip horray! I am enjoying the screened in porch, especially since it seems to be a lot warmer outside than inside. Just need some comfy furniture out there and a table.

I have been doing more journal work. Cannot wait til next week when I get five full work days free to create and try to organize my house. My new bed should be here by then and my guest room will be ready- so feel free to visit.

I am quite interested in getting a tattoo. The only thing stopping me is... No, not the pain, but what image/words to use and where to put it. Many places intrigue me. I think tattoos can look pretty cool. Have been looking for ideas and have seen some nifty things. The white tats are very stunning. Funny, these days it is one if the things Chloe and I actually have in common. If you have any ideas of what might look good, please share. (this journal page isn't quite complete).
Ah lesson plans and laundry are calling out to me. Have a good week.xxoo
PS Aren't you proud of me? I managed to blog two weeks in a row. Yahooie.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A weekend ful

Surprise! I'm actually writing a post. Longing for time to work more in/on my studio, but today is magazine day. You don't even want to see my " collection." Chloe thinks I might have a bit of a problem. Probably, but I'm just an eye candy type of gal.

Here's another view of my studio with my new workbench.

I have been very busy at school. My students made some incredible art for a fund raiser where their art can be made into notebooks, cards, mugs etc. The only problem is they worked so long and hard on these pictures and no one sees them but the parents. They go straight home. I try to take pictures, but there are over 500 pieces of art.
Okay okay, I'll go work on my collection. Also making a yum soup via my love, Jamie Oliver. Ta ta.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Half an art studio

Hello blog friends,
What has happened to me? As busy as a bee hive, but good news... I actually worked in my new studio room today to create this journal page. It was so wonderful having a big space to work in and having some supplies right beside me. ( most things are still scattered about the house.) I am really hopeful tht my new studio room will call out to me and I'll be able to work better than in my tiny office space.
Survived hosting my Italian group last night at my house with limited seating and not much time to put things together. I think the place looked good for such a short amount of time and everything went well...despite picking up mounds of chocolate cake from the floor.

Here's a view of my studio, before any art projects have been started. Promise you it won't look like that in 4 months.I have another big table in the room as well. I am not sure if I should paint the plywood floors. I want to hang up all my artwork made by friends but not sure of the best way to do it. Ideas?

Must get ready for yet another week of school. This four year old cracks me up. Last week he said his favorite breakfast food was mashed potatoes, but the way he says it keeps me smiling. ( mooshed patatoes). Maybe I'll bring him some. Cheers to all.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stress-full week

This has not been my best week.
Watching my love, Dr. Mark Sloan die on Grey's Anatomy was too sad for me.

This was my first week of having to work Fridays ( complete with morning bus duty). I treated myself to this bracelet to wear on Fridays to give me strength. I really valued not working Fridays, but such is the way.

Chipper scored big.
Chloe was in one of her abrasive moods...
Umm... oh I will have three groups of twenty 4 year olds each week in the art room.
One night I managed to go to sleep at 7:50. Another night my entire dream took place at the liquor store Total Wine.

But there's a new week on the way and Riley is in town so it's got to be better.
Next weekend I'll be back in my house and I feel like cooking up a storm.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Half a title

At last I have been busy in my art journal. I finally took out some paints too. I need so much practice. I asked my so talented friend Renee for the skin color recipe (which colors to use) and she sent me a recipe for laundry soap instead so I had to wing it( what I do best anyway...) In my defense I was also distracted by a phone call while painting this. I shall try again soon...

This one used these color watercolor markers that my friend Jane ( now hooping it up in Bali) suggested, but I forgot how they are used. Still kind of nice pale colors.

My friend Lori and I went to our Italian friend Antoinette's house for some cooking practice. Antoinette showed us how to make a great pepperoni bread- but I made mine with pesto and mozzarella instead. It's so good, we discovered Antoinette can never bring a whole one to a party- her husband has to "sample" half of it before she gets to the party. Lori showed us how to make gnocchi and then after dinner we had limoncello and expresso with anisette. Fabulous. I am so thankful for these two friends that help me laugh the entire time we are together.
Have a great week. Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Full eyes ahead please

School is keeping me quite busy these days. So many children to keep track of everyday. The self portraits are turning out grand. Finding the parents to be a bit odd. I stand outside thirty minutes everyday for bus duty and some have managed to not give me eye contact for over 8 months. What's up with that?

This weekend I devoted a lot of time to working in my art journal. I think I managed five pages or so. I am not sure if this one needs more art on the side or not, but I thought I would go for a less is more type of look.

I had a nice Labor Day weekend and tried out some new restaurants both good and bad ( Tattooed Moose was no prize). This beautiful rose was on the table at the Hominy Grill. I'm thinking quite good for Southern food, although I only had eggs and grits.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Full stop ahead needed

Wow sorry friends, I have been so busy with school and it has really tired me out. Kids seem great. Too bad there are so many in a class. 26 kindergarten artists might put me over the edge. We also have a few resident bug watchers dedicated to reporting every bug spotted in the art room.

Finally finished this one. I am liking working in this big journal. I call it my Pam journal since I always seem to use it in a Pam Garrison class. Even made it in one if her classes.

Look how lucky I am. My friend Di from England sent me this adorable donkey she made while we were at the Julie Arkel class. Thanks Di, I love it.

And finally a page I posted on face book but in case we are not friends here it is. Have a great week. Xxoo

Saturday, August 11, 2012

More full than I thought

I have been busy in my journal for once. This picture cracks me up because it totally does not look like me ( I hope), but the drawing did come from that photo.

Looks like I'm in the short hair mode these days and I do need a haircut, but not this short. We have had a lot of night storms this week which I love ( but this has nothing to do with my page).

I do have to thank my friend Renee for keeping me focused this week on my journal pages. She has been very encouraging. I would link her but she is on a blog strike these days. It is too bad since she is painting up a storm and her work is looking really good.
Have to get into the classroom this coming week. I am a bit excited about it and not having the usual dread. That is jolly good. Have a great weekend and week. I shall be back. Xxoo

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I have taken out my sewing stuff and started working on a bag/purse from an old pillow case.

This is the start of the back. I'm going to embroider around the rabbit and than sew that piece to the pillowcase.

This is the start of the front. Do you think the long rectangle panel with the deer and houses belongs color wise? I love the fabric, but can't decide it it goes.
Sorrow sorrow, this will be my last week of vacation. So much to do but feel I just want to enjoy things for my last week. Maybe I'll have a mix of the two.
Next posting won't take as long since I have already done the work in my journal. I know...amazing.
Have a great week. I hope to. Maybe I'll even start the bracelets I wanted to sew all summer.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Full of nothing

What are you guys going to do with me? I can't seem to fuel myself with making any art. Caught in a rut perhaps?

Maybe I'm missing Italy?
I'm feeling a bit sick of my drawing style so I think I'm working through this- although paper and practice would probably help this more than reading.

Enjoyed reading Susannah Conway's new book, this i know.
I'm coming down to the stretch before school starts again so hopefully I'll get back into it... But I'm not sure. Thanks for visiting my non working artist blog. Xxoo

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Half comatosed

I am missing my Italy. It is such a joy to be there. My only artwork started in Florence- thanks to Cynthia. I painted it at home. Kind of fun.
Heres the photo of the scene:

Yeah, it's good to use your imagination.
As my friend Becky said- I'm having a coma week. Can't seem to get anything done. Just laying around. Saw my weeks are numbered on the calendar so maybe I'll get myself going.
Here are some journal pages. It felt good looking at my journal today and remembering what I used to do.

Not such a good reproduction. Sorry.

Cynthia gave me some of these cool journal dodas like the striped paper and seal. So say a wish that I get over my coma and get busy. Hope you haven't fallen into the summer coma too- unless you wanted to.xxoo