Wednesday, December 28, 2011

full of impatience (hope I spelled it right this time)

 Oh no, not again. Sorry for the delay in blogging. The kidney stone procedure had a longer recovery period than I had anticipated. I think I am now thankfully back to normal. Not a fun thing to have a little kidney stone kicking around.
Impatiently waiting to get my copy of Artful Journaling so I can see my article in the flesh. Usually the magazines from Stampington come earlier than this, but since I am waiting ever so impatiently I guess it takes awhile.
 Journaling has been hard with the kidney stone, but I managed to get a few pages done. Really hoped to do a kidney stone page, but just like the stone- it wasn't moving along.

 This drawing was made by one of my second grade artists, Brooklynn (yes a double n). I think it has a very interesting look to it. She always comes up with interesting artwork.
Ah a glance at Portugal. Have my usual wanderlust for traveling, but I shall be busy in January with a mini trip to Seattle for a birthday gal celebration and than England at the end of the month. Remember to direct me to places to go in London. I have three Jamie Oliver restaurants on my list but think I must narrow down the field to one or two. Not sure which to pick. I guess I will have to try the Italian. Maybe 15 to see what is going on there. Trying to get Riley to apply to apprentice there but I  seem more eager then he.

Alas vacation is winding down. I have been lucky to have so much time off. Hope all is well for all my blog readers. Oh yes bracelet give away is now in session. Leave a comment and tell me the first thing you would do in London/England. A random winner will be picked On January 6 to win a bracelet hand crafted by me.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I went to the farmer's market on Saturday morning and really enjoyed it. The vegetables were beautiful and it was a fun place to be.

I have been busy making these leather bracelets thanks to
My friend Ellen. I have many ideas for them. Also ready to attack a small bead bracelet project. Yay love when I have exciting projects to work on.

Vacation has started and I am ready with projects, reading, good food treats, and some DVDs. All I need is a trip. Tuesday, however, I will have to have out patient surgery. A bit worried about being put under. Hope I will recover quickly.
Paper Pumpkin Kathy: you're getting closer to your week. I feel for you.
Enjoy this busy week blogging friends.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Semi halves

Looks like your little blogger friend has been delinquent again. I have been working in my journal- really, but nothing too blogable. Trying to get back into sewing and fabric but inspiration seems to be elsewhere- and not sure where that elsewhere is.

Today is the last step of our limoncello making except the chilling. Some spilled yesterday and I snuck a taste. Must say it was pretty good. Full report next week.

This is our last week of school for two weeks. Wondering what to do for two weeks. Any ideas? May drive up to NYC with my cousin. Don't you love this picture created by second grader Gus?
Hope y'all (my new favorite word) have a great week. Thanks for visiting.