Sunday, November 27, 2011

trying to be half full

 Hope Thanksgiving brought lots of togetherness for many. It's never been my favorite holiday due to so many family issues, but I muddled through thanks to my friend Janet. She always brings out my best humor. Love the colors in this abstract flower/leaf page.

 I did get some journaling done this break from school time and lots of reading. Still deciding if I should be making presents and what they should be. Ideas anyone? I always seem to figure it out a day before the necessary date. This page is one that opens up so I thought I should show both views.

 Here's what I did and did not do during the Thanksgiving break. Also tried to figure out where I might go for Christmas break. Did you know it's almost $3,000 to fly from Charleston to Maui? Scratch that off the list... Have a good week and thanks for visiting.


Lisa said...

Nice pages Taylor...

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Dear Taylor!
Holidays can be tough...
have you decided where to go for Christmas?
I admire your pages!