Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back at half full

Hello from the delinquent blogger,
Here I am back again with some stuff to show although I am not wild over any of it. That's why I am trying to transfer to the state of positive pink. That is my goal starting... now. Maybe I will even wear pink all week. Pink makes me happy so here's hoping...
Listening to The Night Circus this weekend on audio and it is wonderful. I think I may have to even read the book. My friend Kelly the book guru recommended it. She always knows a good book.

This page was for drawing practice. Drinking my coffee every morning with heavy cream (yup you heard that right) and vanilla syrup is my biggest treat.

Today I managed to make granola and a berry crostata as I listened to the The Night Circus. May need to get into the kitchen more often to practice my cooking skills- although baking has never been my strong point. You know all the exactness one must follow doesn't work with me. 
Hope you have a great week. I'll be sashaying  in pink.

1 comment:

jone hallmark said...

I like your "I just want to be settled" house picture a lot.
Hope you are feeling a bit more settled...and that the whole "pink" thing is workin' for you....