Sunday, November 27, 2011

trying to be half full

 Hope Thanksgiving brought lots of togetherness for many. It's never been my favorite holiday due to so many family issues, but I muddled through thanks to my friend Janet. She always brings out my best humor. Love the colors in this abstract flower/leaf page.

 I did get some journaling done this break from school time and lots of reading. Still deciding if I should be making presents and what they should be. Ideas anyone? I always seem to figure it out a day before the necessary date. This page is one that opens up so I thought I should show both views.

 Here's what I did and did not do during the Thanksgiving break. Also tried to figure out where I might go for Christmas break. Did you know it's almost $3,000 to fly from Charleston to Maui? Scratch that off the list... Have a good week and thanks for visiting.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Ah delinquent no longer and back in the swing. Hope you had a good week. Well it looks official, I will be in the January issue of Artful Journaling. Interesting the pages they selected.

I seem to be going towards the purple and green colors these days. Not sure why that is. Maybe all the green paint I seem to have...
Yesterday I went to my new Italian friend Antoinette's house to make Italian cookies with her and Lori from our class. We made Italian love knots (lots of lemon in them)  and some way too chocolate ones for me. It was fun listening to Italian music, eating an Italian type lunch (complete with Chianti) and laughing a lot. We even drunk a pre lunch jigger of limoncello. Next Italian adventure will be at my house to make limoncello, although I thought grapefruitcello could be interesting.

Rock bucket picture is from Portugal. Still have a lot of never before viewed pictures from Portugal so thought I would show one or two when I have space. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving week. There is so much I am thankful for. Could be a good journal page for the week...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back at half full

Hello from the delinquent blogger,
Here I am back again with some stuff to show although I am not wild over any of it. That's why I am trying to transfer to the state of positive pink. That is my goal starting... now. Maybe I will even wear pink all week. Pink makes me happy so here's hoping...
Listening to The Night Circus this weekend on audio and it is wonderful. I think I may have to even read the book. My friend Kelly the book guru recommended it. She always knows a good book.

This page was for drawing practice. Drinking my coffee every morning with heavy cream (yup you heard that right) and vanilla syrup is my biggest treat.

Today I managed to make granola and a berry crostata as I listened to the The Night Circus. May need to get into the kitchen more often to practice my cooking skills- although baking has never been my strong point. You know all the exactness one must follow doesn't work with me. 
Hope you have a great week. I'll be sashaying  in pink.