Sunday, October 16, 2011

full of templates?

 Hello Blog Readers. Here I am back with more art to show you. Teesha mentioned a new blog template on blogger so I am trying it. Not sure how it will work yet- or if it will work, but it looked cool on her blog. Then again everything looks cool on her blog. Also, I just noticed there is no preview button today so I can't check and see how this posting will look before I press Publish Post. Sorry if it looks odd.

 I used a piece of vellum over my journal page above and I am really enjoying the things I can do with a clear overlay. On another page I didn't like the painting I made of myself so I added some vellum and drew another picture over it. Coolzo.

I'm not really in love with this page. Too random. I like parts but ahh not my finest. I guess I could put a piece of vellum over it...
 Hooray we are almost done with our fund raiser which means the students can soon create art of their own choice, but still these flower watercolors came out pretty nice if I do say so myself.
And here is another beautiful picture of me drawn by a third grader. I really wish I could get a make over and look like her. Those lips are of model quality.
Nice weather has returned which makes me so happy. Have a great week.


jone hallmark said...

hmmmm, it didn't seem to register my last comment.
I like the new template...and I also like vellum! It is a pretty cool thing - like gauze.

and the beer cans are from a local Santa Fe brewery, so I will try to send some to you.

PaperPumpkin said...

Very cool. You have a good new week, too!

Renee said...

love the new look! what a sweet drawing - now I'd recognize you anywhere! xoxx, R