Sunday, October 30, 2011

full half

 Not too much to show this weekend. Working on some other stuff but it's not here. Weekend was nice and relaxing. Saturday was pajama day until I went to my Italian group's pizza cook off. Carlo made a wicked pizza although I was forced to eat bacon- yikes. Today Riley and I made a mighty tasty kale, tomato, and white bean soup. It was nice to be cooking again. Then he helped me practice my Italian as he planned his puzzle party.

At last we are back to art studio work in the art room. I am glad the students can now work on their own projects again, although I must say they did a wonderful job on these more directed projects. I will miss the panda bears. Oops this painting is upside down- but at least it doesn't have spelling errors. Too impatient to look up the spelling of patience. Yes that would be me...
Have a great week.

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Lorraine said...

Awe! Love your posts Taylor!!!